Our Story

With every new restaurant popping out here and there, we are being exposed to different approaches to the art of the food and beverage industry. Because of this, we, whether aware or not, continue to search for new food concepts that will challenge not just our taste buds, but also our creativity. And with the appetite to cook up something different and distinct...

... We decided to go back to basic.

We're going back - where everything was just all about fine, excellent food. We believe that good food in itself already has the power to bring up conversations and memories that deserve to be remembered. We're bringing everything handmade and fresh out of the kitchen right on to your table, with the process being easy as a piece of cake.

So go ahead. Take a look at our gallery of food fare and we'll meet you at Artisan Emporium.

Artisan Emporium
Pastries & Sweets